Saturday 24 March 2012

Running a Line

In advance of clearing more land for crops, I felt that I should make sure that the work goes on within our property boundaries.
The property is narrow but long, and so it covers a lot of ground.
The lines are not marked everywhere, and anyone can blaze a tree without actually being accurate.
It would be a shame if we were to prepare the neighbor's land for farming, without having been asked to.

Why are there pig tracks on the driveway?

It was a great opportunity to take Auren on a woodland adventure through some areas that are not reached with trails.  
The going was rough but Auren was up for the challenge.
For him, it was an introduction to orienteering,
and the chance to look for animal sign.

I struggle to explain the property boundaries.
I would like him to understand that the Earth belongs to no one.
I would like him to understand how important it is to share the land.
In our township, there is a remarkable amount of crown land.
We also have permission to use most of the private land in the area.
We are thankful that we are able to move about freely in the bush and in order for Auren to be thankful he needs to know that others are sharing their property with us.

The Flagging tape will come down when we are finished.

For our purposes, we must respect the property line as an ideological line.
Though the current neighbors allow us to do whatever we wish, there may be future owners that do not share our vision for what the land is best used for.
Therefore, we had best do the clearing and fence building within our own boundaries.

Grouse Sign
Our forest friends obliged us with the usual evidence of their presence.
Animal poo is easy to spot and identify.
Is it still warm?

Snack-time couldn't come soon enough for the hard working little man.

Ursa likes a good hike in the woods.
Especially the snack part.
She likes the homeward trek best.

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