Thursday 22 March 2012


Preparing to Mate!

It is a time of preparation.
Spring is preparation.
That is for certain.

The chickens are finishing up the garden before moving on to the woods.
The raking is coming along nicely.
I love Gold-Laced Wyandottes.

I am excited to talk about chainsaw milling.
Even more excited about doing some chainsaw milling.
Before that, there is clean-up to be done.

There is a strong cache of raw goods to work with.
Tools. Boards. Hardware.
And Time has offered to prevail.
In abundance.

Everything ties together.
It is all exploding at once.
Like a bloom in time lapse.

A great thanks to Paul Romard of Romard Lumber.
If you are local then you should buy your wood products here.
Shavings......... abundance.

It is agreed that it is more important to prepare,
than to complain.
The means are at hand.

There will be chicks soon.
There's a plan in place.
We are prepared.

Are you prepared?

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