Friday 23 March 2012

Wild Leek Workshop

We would like to invite you to our homestead for some wild leek picking.

This is one of our favourite times of the year.
The snow is gone and the forest is coming back to life after a quiet rest.
Wild leeks are among the first plants to emerge through the leaves on the ground.
They aren't alone though. There are many early rising forest inhabitants to meet.
The air is filled with the sounds of birds vying for attention.  Heralds of Spring, like the woodpeckers, the phoebes, and the ruffed grouse.
The air is also filled with pungent aroma of wild leeks.
Also known as ramps by some, and wild garlic by others, wild leeks are, in fact, wild garlic, though they very much resemble scallions and green onions.  The flavour is intense and they are quite hot when eaten raw.
When cooked up, wild leeks have the velvet texture of leeks, the strong flavour of onions, and a not so subtle reminder of roasted garlic.

Wild leeks are threatened by over picking in many places.
They have become more popular in recent years and fetch a high price in urban markets.
Quebec has placed a limit on the number of bulbs that a person may pick.
There is no such regulation in Ontario as of yet.
We are careful to pick in such a way that promotes regeneration in the leek beds.
The woodlot hosts an abundance of wild leeks that allows us the opportunity to share the harvest and the experience.

The workshop is an afternoon in the forest harvesting leeks, watching for woodland birds and animals, studying the other emerging plants, and sharing the open air with each other.
Afterwards, there will be leek and potato soup with fresh homemade bread.

Participants need only bring along weather appropriate clothing and footwear, a bucket, and a trowel.
This is an ongoing workshop, so we will be booking small groups throughout the leek picking season.
If you are interested, you may contact us through this post in the comments section. You may also e-mail, or use the phone.  (see info below)
Outings are available on weekends and through the week.  
There is no cost for this workshop, however, donations to our homesteading project are welcome.
The season ends when the blackflies join the party.  That time is determined by the weather.

We do hope to see you here.

705-447-1150 (answering machine)

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  1. yes - what a great idea Erin for us homeschoolers out there!