Wednesday 14 March 2012

Almost Ready

Today was spent indoors for the most part.
Despite to the nice weather, there is still much to be done inside.
Shelf building and cleaning and organizing.
Yes, it's pretty boring.

Auren and Fern were outside most of the day.
They are just beginning to be able to keep themselves busy for long stretches of time.
It really helps us take control of our day when they can be self-reliant for a while.

We'll all be outside soon.
The snow is going and the forecast is mostly the same for the short term.
Great plans cannot be hurried, though both Kira and I are chomping at the bit.

I'm looking through some old photos tonight.
There was a bit of a stir on Facebook today.
There's an old friend whom I'd like to talk about.
He's very important to me so I am going to take my time telling you about him.
Do you know him?

I am pretty sure those are Adidas Torsion.

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