Friday 9 March 2012

The Empty Woodshed

It's not official yet.
.......we're pretty much out of firewood. 

That's not to say we'll freeze.
It just means that I'll have to do some hot-loggin'.
It means bringing in your firewood during the burning season.
The big issue here is that it's difficult to get into the woods right now with light equipment.
So, I need to find something to burn a little closer to home.
Furniture?  Kira might get angry.
She suggested her garden arbors instead.  They are put up annually so they're fair game.
There is some lumber that needs to be sorted out.  
I have a few small bits in the yard.  They just need to be dug up.
There is another option though.
We don't have very many standing dead trees on the property.
Near the house, there are two dead maples.  Not sick.  Stone dead.  They have been for a couple of years.
I don't know why they died, but it probably has something to do with the house.

Now that there is the need, it's time to take them down.
Of course, it won't be that simple.
There are some nice healthy maples underneath them ready to take their places.
I also have a stash of scavenged building materials in the same spot.
And, the trees aren't leaning the way I need them to be, but that's rare anyways.
We need some wood though.
So those trees will be coming down, hopefully without wrecking anything.

The chainsaw post may come soon.
I need to finish preparing the saws if I am to get some wood for the stove.

In the meantime, we're having a guest tonight.
There's enough wood for the weekend so the stove is going.
We also have some pork ready for the barbeque.
Apple and Hot Chili-pepper pork sirloin skewers.  Mmmmmmm.
Would you like the recipe?
I'm sorry, but it's a secret.

Just kidding.

The recipe is still under development, but when I get it tweaked, it's all yours.

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