Saturday 10 March 2012

A Day of Rest

Despite the long list of projects and chores on the go, there needs to be some time to take a break.
Last night was a late one for all of us, especially me, so we found some time to take a nap.
The kids don't nap as much as I'd like them too, although Fern tends to play until she's spent and promptly passes out in her bed.
Everyone was tired enough to at least take a rest. Even Kira and I grabbed a few winks.

It is maple syrup season in these parts right now. The sap wasn't running today but we went to the neighbors for some food and talk anyways. We always visit when they are doing syrup. It's a great get-together.

There is a fair bit of work involved in making maple syrup, but there is also a lot of time spent waiting for sap to boil down. What a great opportunity to hang out by the fire and catch up with friends. Even on days like today when there isn't any sap running, there is still great food and company.

It's not just us adults that need a break every so often. The kids like a break from the normal routine to do something different. We are getting better at knowing when the kids need a special day. They were ready for one today and so we made sure we took a little time to relax and socialize.
I could have used a longer nap though.

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