Monday 5 March 2012

Forget About Spring!

Today I had planned to write about chainsaws.

There are projects to get underway.

Apparently I forgot that it's still Winter!

This is a beautiful Maple tree.

It has three strikes against it though.

1) It is shading one of our few south facing hills which is under development for growing fruit.

2) It is too close to the Hydro line and transformer.

3) If you are getting sad about this tree's imminent destruction, bear in mind that it is sick.  There is a large wound at the base of the tree.

The plan was to take it down....carefully.
If it goes the wrong way it will hit either;

1) The new fruit bushes and grapes.

2) The new apple trees.

3) The new transformer.

These are options one or two or three.  The only place the tree may safely land is on the trail leading up the hill.
Needless to say, I've been fretting about this for some time.

I started by getting the saws out for service.
I also needed to put my skidding rig on the tractor instead of the blower.
The reason for the tractor is to use the winch. It makes sure the tree goes down the right way just in case I foul up the notch (which I do all the time.)
Here is where the day's plan went south.

The snow is still deep.
Can you imagine that?
I'm pretty sure I just wrote a post about how far Spring is off yet.
I guess I wasn't listening or reading or paying any attention to anything I said.
The tractor wasn't going to make it to where I need it to be.
I wouldn't be able to deal with the tree up or down because of the snow depth.  I mean, it's possible, but if you have ever tried forestry in deep snow then you know how tiring it can be, not to mention dangerous.

It didn't look so bad from the living room window, but when the tractor tires start clawing their way down, it sure gives a different perspective.

As I get older, I improve at knowing when to quit.
Quitting at the right time can prevent damage, loss, breakage, injury, failure, temper tantrums and other unpleasant side effects.
So I quit before anything bad happened.

Did we go ice fishing?
No.  That would have been fun though.
This photo is in the driveway.
A good base is nice but that's too much.
It'll get ugly when it thaws.

Here is a full size storage container that we use for the pig's water.
That pretty much says, "Forget about logging for at least another month."
At least not with my little FE 35.

I suppose I should still service the chainsaws and the other gear.
My skidding rig is only twenty feet from the driveway but I bet I would get stuck trying to put it on.

 The chainsaw post will have to wait.
There are indoor projects to complete.
It always feels like Spring comes late.
I need to accept my Winter fate. least it's sunny!

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