Saturday 7 December 2013

Roasting Our Beans, by Kira

A little glimpse into feed making.
One ingredient that goes into our chicken feed is soybeans.
Andrew buys organic soybeans to use as the main protein component.
Many animals aren't able to properly digest raw soybeans.
So, to make the beans easier to digest we roast them.
Our clothes dryer died a couple winters ago, and we became a dryer free home.
We held on to the dryer until we found a use for it.
This past summer it became our soybean roaster.
Andrew removed the drum from the dryer and now it sits on the cookstove inside the school house
(which is nearing completion, I will share photos soon).

The cookstove is on most days,
with dinner slowly cooking inside the stove and beans roasting in the dryer drum on top.
Once the beans are roasted they are ready to go through the feed mixer with the rest of the grains and mineral supplements.


  1. Very interesting - I loved how you say your dryer died "several years ago" like its no big deal, when most people would need a new dryer the same day.

    1. Thanks Katie! It did take a little getting used to, but it is easily do able.
      Btw I like your blog, great photos. (:

  2. Kira, your posts are not often but I always love them. Your self-reliance, toughness, and ingenuity is inspiring. The idea of using a dryer drum to roast beans is awesome. Like Katie above, I too love that when your dryer died you just did without. Honestly, I think if our dryer died I would feel the need to replace it (at least with a used one). I love hanging laundry outside in the summer, but in our area of Ontario the wind is just wicked in the winter (there is a reason we are surrounded by wind turbines) and I don't see how I could hang the cold, wet laundry without getting frostbite. How do you do it? Or do you hang it inside?

  3. By the way, my daughter's name is Kira, spelled the same way. :)

    1. Laura Jeanne, thank you for the wonderful comments. It always inspires me when there are comment left on my posts.
      To be honest I dry more clothing by hanging them inside then out. I have went into greater detail in my next post!
      By the way you picked a wonderful name for your daughter. (:
      I rarely see other Kira's with the same spelling!

  4. Janet Ellenberger9 December 2013 at 13:47

    Love your stove!

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