Saturday 29 June 2013

An Abundance of Berries, by Kira

The blueberry bushes we planted a few years ago are starting to produce.
Black, red, and white currents are planted up on the fruit hill and all six bushes are thriving!
Wild gooseberries.
One of the best years ever for wild strawberries.
If all of our wild blackberries do well, we will have tons to eat fresh and to freeze for winter.
Thimbleberries, they have a beautiful, mildly fragrant flower. A sweet and tart large berry that is very seedy but so yummy!

Thursday 27 June 2013

My sprouting Gardens, by Kira

Tom Thumb Pea.
Speckled Romaine.
Potted Sweet Pepper.
Blooming Chamomile.
Hundreds of Garlic Scapes.
Garden Keeper.
Yellow Pear Tomato.
Heirloom Kale.
Beautiful Lavender.

Thursday 20 June 2013

Building a Rhubarb Garden, by Kira

The varieties I planted are Victorian and Canada Red.

A south facing location along the lane is where I decided to plant.

I placed logs about two feet out from a steep hill.
Lining the logs, hill and in the garden with straw will help hold moisture and add nutrients as it breaks down.
I filled the garden with rich soil that I dug out of a wet spot behind our barn.
After planting the rhubarb Meer and I top dressed with pig manure.

My sweet little helper.

Evening sun.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Fire roasted rhubarb sweetened with maple syrup, by Kira

To make this tasty treat:
Wash and cut rhubarb into pieces.
Place in a cast iron pan.
Put the cast iron pan into a wood stove that has some hot coals.
Pull the rhubarb out when it is soft and the edges have blackened.
Poor the rhubarb into a bowl and stir in desired amount of maple syrup for sweetness.

This is delicious served over plain full fat yogurt.