Sunday 29 January 2012

Beautiful Snow

It snowed.

We haven't had much this year so I shouldn't complain.

It's beautiful.
The Kids love it.
We'll need the water in the Spring.

It makes me tired to see it though.
I've had to put off the doing the pig until I can get everything cleared up.
The vehicles have a coating of ice topped with a pile of snow.
And then there's the driveway.
There's a picture on the Feather+Anchor blog that sums up my feeling about the driveway.
(Except that he has a shovel.)

And so I shouldn't complain.

The house is warm, the food is wonderful, and the family is great.

Look at this!
Moist and delicious.
Chocolatey.  Actually, it's more chocolatey than that!
High in protein.  No wheat.

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