Saturday 21 January 2012

Applesauce Loaf

Among the greatest experiences here at our homestead is the food.
Anyone who has been here knows that each day brings more flavourful and nutritious meals and treats.
Clean and wholesome ingredients, inspired creations, and the love of good food come together to complete the experience.
Our culinary goal is to prove that you can eat ethically, locally, frugally, and healthily while enjoying food that nourishes decadent desires.

Do you want that experience?

Keep following us and make the discovery.

Look at that!


It's just a
memory now.

But look.....
Kira left the
recipe out
for me to share!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees celsius.
Mix the wet ingredients.
Mix the dry ingredients.
Combine the wet and the dry.
Grease the loaf pan.
55 minutes in the oven.
If you go for the muffin version then bake for half the time.

The applesauce is freshly made and is unsweetened.

If you haven't tried true cinnamon you really should.  

Organic ingredients work and taste better.

Auren and I worked on our appetite while the loaf was baking.

These are the most tender and tasty
ginger cookies that you will ever eat.
I don't see the recipe out here so 
I guess you'll have to wait a bit!

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  1. This recipe sounds wonderful. I love using applesauce in our cakes, but I have never tried a loaf bread before. This will have to go on the list of must makes this week.