Wednesday 1 February 2012

What is 'Routine'?

Did you know that the length of the day is proportional to the number of children you have?

We have three children now.  The days are now much shorter.

I thought at first that it was just Winter hours.  But I've done the math and it works out the same, Summer or Winter.

Now please don't misunderstand me. 
Time flies when you're having fun, and children are fun.
Unfortunately, the time it takes to get things that aren't fun done diminishes.  
That's ok if you want to skip your chores, but skipping chores around here leads to confusion, disaster, and tears.

Meer is now almost three months old and, as babies go, she is pretty darned easygoing.  You might believe that there would be a solid routine around here by now.We've tried that.  Routines are for schools, inspections, and gymnasts.  We have one written out, but that's as far as it went.

So we just keep our heads down and do what needs doing when it needs done.
Basically it boils down to keeping everyone fed, and giving everyone the love and attention they need.
Speaking of love and attention.  Co-sleepers do it in the bathroom while the kids are playing.

Reclaiming Hardware
There are many projects on the table right now so we're trying our best to get them underway, despite the apparent turmoil.
Many of the projects are simply finishing the ones up that were left with loose ends.  
When the kids need you, you just put the tools down and go; no question.  The same applies when your spouse calls you for supper.  That second one is especially important.

Auren is old enough to help me with many of the projects.
Well, maybe not help, but he can be there with me and feel part of what's going on.
That way I can accomplish a task while, at the same time, giving him some attention.

I know that someday he will be able to help in earnest.
I am in no hurry for that, lest I hurry him growing up.
Lighting project in Limbo

Before you know it, though, it's time to get dinner going.
Being late with dinner means being late getting to bed.
They need some down time after supper to relax before bed.
Some reading and some LEGO helps them go to sleep feeling
loved and played out.

We have taken the challenge to create 'from scratch' meals that are
wholesome, quick, and affordable.
Succeeding means healthy children who eat their supper and go to bed on time.
That is a routine to shoot for.

Keep it Alive!

Here is a little salad for you to try.  Kira put this together off the cuff and I think it's worth sharing.

Most salad greens have serious drawbacks at this time of year, but we still try to eat some green when we can.  Kale is a tough little number that we have been eating steamed.
This time, Kira thought we'd try it raw in a salad.
What you see here is just Kale leaves, chopped stems, carrots, and toasted sunflower seeds.
The dressing is oil a vinegar.  Ours was sesame oil and rice vinegar.

Now that's Winter fare!

I have big plans for tomorrow.
It's seldom that I don't.
It's not up to me, of course.
So there's a good chance that I won't.

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  1. Ha! The bathroom comment made me laugh out loud...the funniest stuff is always the true stuff!
    Great post. Glad we're not the only ones struggling with the "routine".