Sunday 26 February 2012


Living in a sparsely populated area means that we must make a concerted effort to keep the kids socialized.
It isn't just a matter of meeting the neighbors kids.
We actively search out opportunities and venues where kids can play together.
Unfortunately, the driving distance can discourage us from certain activities.
Once they're in school it should be easier.

It's important that they get out for a change of scenery and some friends to play with.
Kids should never get bored at home, but they do.
Not for a lack of activities or toys, but for a lack of change and human interaction.
It is easy to see when we do get out.
They behave well and stay focused easily.

We ensure that our children get out and get socialized.
But, we don't always make sure that we get out too.
Often it is in conjunction with the kids' visits.
Rarely is it otherwise.

Winter makes the issue all that much more pressing.
Shut indoors much of the time.
Distances seem greater whether the roads are poor or not.
It's easy to feel trapped.
At home, we have each other to keep us company.
But, like the kids, we need a change of scenery and some friends to talk with.

I'm glad that we get the opportunity.
It should be more frequent, though a busy family life makes Time difficult to manage.
Parents need to socialize as much as the kids do.

We need to just put everything down for a moment.
Let the kids play.
Leave the dishes.
And reclaim our individuality,
 ........if only for a little while.


  1. Love the picture of the chickens! Glad to meet you, stopped over from ROTH.

    1. We're glad you could visit Christi!
      The chickens are always eager to have their pictures taken and love the compliments.