Friday 24 February 2012


Winter can be hard on the soul in this part of the world. 

It's not just the dark.
For the snow illuminates day and night.

It's not just the cold.
For a knit sweater or a wood fire are the greatest warmth.

It's not just being trapped inside.
For Winter offers so much outdoors.

It's not just the perpetual grey.......'s supposed to be sunnier that it has been.

Maybe it is the grey.
Maybe it's the salt and dirt.
Maybe it's the damp.

Maybe it's the economy.

This year I feel as though everyone is a little worse off than usual.
I mean emotionally, spiritually.
Just like it's been a particularly severe Winter.
But it's been exceptionally short and mild.

I think that is the problem.

We don't hibernate.
But we acclimatize.

That's why we wear sweaters at Thanksgiving and T-shirts at Easter.

It takes some time, but we become accustomed to Winter and accept our environment as if it were year round.

Everyone has been talking about Spring like it is just around the corner.
The weather makes it feel that way.
Even the plants and animals and insects are showing signs of Spring.

But it is still February.
The last frost is in May.

I hear that further south crops are being damaged for the lack of snow as well as for false starts.
Even the seeming omniscience of plants has been thwarted by an unseasonal season.
Perennials have been trying to reach through the earth, only to find lies and deceit.

Our Brave Birds

The same has happened to us.

Spring speaks to us and then recedes.
Winter hardens us to it's hand,
only to falter before it is done.

The kids are just now getting interested in playing in the snow.
But, Auren has still been asking about the grass and when it will return.

Our memories are still fresh with the Fall.
Winter hasn't been strong enough to blind us from the cold.

Now we suffer for Spring.
Just around the corner.....
Teased and bullied by Winter.

Stand your ground,
 for Spring is a ways off yet.

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