Thursday 23 February 2012

Working Together

I have known a lot of couples over the years that get along really well when they get have some space in between them.  These are the kind of couples that wonder aloud if they'll be able to live together when they retire.
That's certainly not the case with me and Kira.
This is my third time taking parental leave and staying at home with the family.
I dread the thought of having to go back to a job that takes me away from them.
So I hope we can make things work here.

We make a great team.
We complement each other's weaknesses.
Not like, she's great in the house and I'm great outside.
It's more like, she has a great eye for art and design, and I can make it happen.
Here's a good example.

Kira needs slippers.  
She has needed slippers for years.
It's not like she hasn't had any.
Just not any she has been comfortable in.
Recently, Kira has been learning Crochet.
What a perfect opportunity to make some slippers.
So she did!

It was a slow start.
So slow that I thought she would be all year at one slipper.
Then one evening, she flashed a smile and a slipper.  "One done!", she said.
I examined her work and easily decided that Crochet would be her specialty and not mine.

I certainly didn't help with the stitching, but Kira needed buttons to finish the slippers.
She found something she liked on the internet.
I don't like to copy, but I'm willing to allow someone else's idea to inspire me.
Then it changes depending on tools and materials.

These are great looking buttons and can be easily made with basic woodworking tools.

Do you see my Wedding ring in the picture?
A few pictures later it was missing.  The photos helped me deduce where the ring slipped off.

This is a scrap piece from working on the kitchen trim.  It's red maple and just about perfect for the job.

Below is how I shaped the square button.  
The button that inspired us was a leaf shape.  There wasn't time for that today so I went with a simple square to practice with.
This is the bench grinder.  Cheap and versatile.  Don't hesitate to put one in your shop.
I suppose a proper belt sander would be better, but use what you have.

The bench grinder burns the end grain.
Really simple.
Then drill the holes.  I don't think size matters.

I used mineral oil to finish the button.

This is a simple soldering iron.
If you are going to be doing serious soldering then this is too light.
If you are going to be doing serious woodburning then this is not the right tool.
If you have one of these, then you can do some soldering and some woodburning.

Like I said.
We make a great team.


  1. Love the wee love note :)
    Great job, both of you!
    The kid's slippers I am crocheting are working well, but the one I tried for myself was a little wonky.

  2. Wow!! I'm blown away by the slippers and the buttons!! You two are a talented team!!