Saturday 4 February 2012

Sun and Snowshoes

Whoa!  What is that?  Is that the Sun?

The snowshoes finally came out today.  
We are way overdue for a walk in the bush.
Auren and Fern and Lilypad were ready for a little excitement.

We started out with some tears.  Auren wanted to wear snowshoes too, but we don't have any that would fit him.  We decided to go over to Grandpa's house next door to see if we could try his, which are the new smaller style.  Auren said that if they didn't fit, then he would just go on foot like I had originally wanted.
I am proud of him for offering to go without if Grandpa's snowshoes didn't work.

Fortunately, I didn't have to call Auren on that.  The snowshoes worked better than I could have hoped.
Thanks Grandpa!

I've been eager to get the kids into snowshoes and out into our woodlot.  
They can play in the yard, but the woods is a special place.
It takes them beyond their comfort zone and gives them a different experience.

We didn't go very far, but it was a good tour for the first snowshoe of the year.
If we can keep at it, the kids should be able to handle some long hikes.

Kira is eager to get out too, but little Meer needs some warmer temperatures for any long hikes.....
at least for now.  It won't be much longer.


For me, this is the best part of parenting.  
On days like this, the Kids are eager to learn and participate.
They honestly appreciate the time spent together and outdoors.
I can also give two of them attention at the same time.
Indoors, they constantly vie for the lion's share of the love.
Outside, there's plenty to do as a team.

Lunch on a day like this?

Fresh Pita....Fresh Hummous....Fresh Sprouts!

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