Saturday 25 February 2012

Thanks Carolyn!

We get a lot of help from family.
We don't have a big family.
But we have a close family.

My cousin Carolyn came for a visit today.
She is the closest in age to me in our family.
She is more of a sister than a cousin.

She brought new snowshoes for Auren and Fern.
She brought fruit and vegetables.
She brought love and support.

The Kids were very thankful for the new snowshoes.
It makes me happy to see them truly appreciate the generosity of others.
I am proud of them.

Today was Fern's first time on snowshoes.
She toughed it out most of the way.
Auren did equally well.

Kira couldn't come along.
She tried, but Meer didn't want to go.
The house is too cozy to leave.

Carolyn helped me take Auren and Fern for the hike.
She hasn't been on snowshoes since she was a kid.
She is great.

Thanks Carolyn!

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