Thursday 4 October 2012

Taking the colour in.

The forest is putting on an exceptional show of colour this year.
Autumn in the hardwoods is as climatic as the Spring burst of new green.
Only it signifies a period of rest after a long summer of producing food.
Fall days can feel like death and decay, but in truth, the Equinox relieves the trees of their labours until the light returns with warm Spring air.

Like the Spring growth, the Fall colours are fleeting and recede as quickly as the daylight hours do.
If you neglect to take some time to witness the arrival it will be over too quickly.
Just looking is not enough.
The colour needs to be felt to your core.
Only stopping to rest will allow you to be immersed.

I dream of drifting a canoe over still water.
The lake looks oily and cold.
Yet the unmistakable reflection of yellow, red, and orange leaves
reveal an elegant mirror.
A steel blue sky holds the promise of coming snow.

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