Sunday 21 October 2012


Once you're ready to settle down,
finding that perfect place may be one of the greatest decisions of your life.
It's not too easy to change your mind once the deal is done, though your home is only a prison if you allow it to be.

Most people think they know what they want from their home.
It may be a big kitchen, or an ensuite bathroom, or a urinal in the workshop.
The challenge is looking forward to anticipate the needs of the future.
This is especially treacherous during a period of change.

When we were looking for our first home, the choices were few a far between.
With a modest pre-approval of $125,000 and the need to keep the commute to work within forty-five minutes, the options were depressing.
We did have a priority list that helped us thin out the already thin choices.
The most important was to be far enough away from the main roads as we could.
Many properties in these parts are right on a busy county road that was once a quiet goat path.
I was looking for an outbuilding for a workshop, and we also hoped that we could find a place with some water on the lot.
The short story is that we found almost everything that we wanted with our home.
The trade-off was that the home itself, though well-appointed, lacked most of the modern amenities that are considered basic in any dwelling.

I am going to talk more about our home and which property features that we consider most beneficial.
The aim is to help any of you who may be planning a move and may benefit from our insight.
So there is a new label choice available on the blog side bar.
Use these categories to help find the blog content that suits you best.

We were blessed to find the perfect property in our first home.
With some careful planning and careful consideration, you can too.


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