Saturday 13 October 2012

We need a playdate for grown-ups.

Being a young family, we don't often go out to dine and socialize.
In fact, you could say that we rarely do evenings with friends or family.
Once a month, however, we get together with the Food Friendzy group for a potluck supper.
It is a group of people who share a few key things in common.
Namely a common view and understanding of food issues,
and young children.
There are never any uncomfortable pauses between conversations because of the endless topics related to raising children and food.
And once we get to know each other, we tend to find deeper common interests.
If you have kids or remember being a child,
gatherings usually start with shy children that warm up to each other and then by the end of the evening they are having too much fun and don't want to leave.

I find it's the same with the adults at the Food Friendzy potluck.
Many of us don't see each other except for once a month.
It takes a little while for everyone to loosen up a bit before the conversations become comfortable and compelling.
But before too long the kids need to get to bed and it's time to go home.
I love seeing the kids get together and play.
But we need a playdate for the adults too.

Some time and space to have some unfettered conversations.
A moment to let our guard down and focus more on each other.
The opportunity to work on real problems and powerful solutions.

Grassroots movements start with ordinary people doing ordinary things.
I believe that this small group of families has the potential to do extraordinary deeds.
We need to set aside some time while the kids are doing something else,
so that we can bite harder on the issues that we're passionate about.


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