Sunday 14 October 2012

"Cake and I Scream", by Kira

Today I took the Auren, Fern and Meer to see "Cake and I scream", with Heath Tarlin Entertainment.
This is one of four shows through the Razzamataz kids shows.
Razzamataz shows are organized by volunteer, non-profit groups and have been produced for more than twenty five years.

Cake and I Scream is a comedy about Hank and Shirley who want to open a restaurant beside an amusement park. They are worried about having to compete with all the excitement next door.

The Kids had a Blast! Auren thought it was so 'awesome'. He had lots of belly laughs and wanted to participate when they asked for audience volunteers.
Sweet Fern enjoyed it but covered her ears most of the time because of the suspense and action on stage. Meer who is now 11 months made it through the show.

We really enjoyed the show and are looking forward to the next one!
Thank you to all the volunteers who make these amazing shows possible!


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