Saturday 20 October 2012

An Easy Choice

Corporate business culture has always given me cause for disdain.
The drive for wealth precludes acts of generosity, empathy, community building, and integrity.
There is only one goal; to acquire as much money as possible.
I understand that many businesses participate in charities and community sponsorships, but the underlying reason is not altruistic;
it is only to help develop a positive corporate image.

I now find myself among the wolves; starting our own enterprise.
Not surprisingly, the reality of the business world truly does function with blinders on.
It is a tunnel vision approach to commerce which disregards collateral consequence.

As more responsible social practices and opinions gain popularity, the business world races anxiously to meet the consumer with products that meet the new demand.
Unfortunately, 'green washing' marketing tactics mislead the trusting public so that the company makes it's profit without yielding any positive results for the environment and human health.
There is nothing more vile than convincing the consumer to support a product based on the assumption that the product constitutes a wise choice, when in reality, the claims are misleading or outright lies.
Such is the root of all evil; greed.

Now more than ever, the problems facing the world could be solved were it not for greed.
Now more than ever, corporate culture has permeated government and perfected insidious marketing manipulation.
As the last of the integrity ebbs from corporate decision making, the influence that business has over public policy and societal mores is rapidly destroying our children's future.

Our own business is intended to generate revenue; that is the truth.
We need money for our family.
Our family, however, only needs a certain amount of financial income.
The plan is to garner what we need and any profit in excess will be re-invested so that we may expand our capacity, and then one day be able to offer our services for free.
Try explaining that to the bank or potential investors.
The money people want to see a solid bottom line that goes well beyond the break even point.

The question is, how will we fit in?
How will we survive in that kind of environment?
How do we conduct a profitable business while maintaining our integrity?
Even at the outset it looks as though there will be some unpleasant choices to be made.

Yet I believe that the current global economic woes are a direct result of unfettered greed.
The current business model will not sustain itself; the evidence for that is growing daily.
So we will conduct ourselves according to our best ethics.
Even though our goals are altruistic, it doesn't mean that the end justifies the means.

It is all about the future.
The focus should be our children's security,
and not financial security.
Having financial wealth does not imply also having the capacity for survival.
Certainly taking more than our fair share does nothing but decay the delicate social fabric.

So we will conduct our business our way.
I am not afraid of financial failure.
And I will not abandon my integrity to secure something as fundamentally worthless as money.


  1. Here is a link to an article about "spiritual capitalism" that you and your readers might find interesting...

  2. "Having financial wealth does not imply also having the capacity for survival."

    Absolutely love this line Andrew.

    Great post.

    My pig is in labour right now by the way! Chat soon!