Wednesday 10 October 2012

Dear Diary

I had never intended our life to become quite so hectic.
And here we are struggling to stay on top of all of the projects and activities.

The hustle and bustle of having kids around I fully expected.
It's the transition from having a job to making our own income that has muddied the waters.

The reason that we have decided to build our own sources of revenue is part of the plan to create a sustainable lifestyle that doesn't rely so heavily on a job somewhere.
We intend to stay here, but it would be naive to assume that there would always be a job around.

The trick is that no single skill of ours will support the family.
So we have had to capitalize on everything that we're good at in order to make enough money to keep us going.
Bear in mind that the other goal is to generate revenue doing something that we're passionate about.
I would likely do well selling myself out as a marine mechanic but the whole business represents everything that we stand against.

And everything is coming together.
The future looks busy.
We have found there has been interest in everything that we are trying to do.
And for that I am thankful.

The downside is that while we posture ourselves to focus on our greatest strengths, we will still need to keep a wide variety of money making activities on the go; and that complicates things.

And everything is coming together....
....all at once.
Which is great for our confidence and gives hope for the coming years.
It is also testing our mettle to see if we can handle self-employment with grace or if we end up bitter from the struggle.
Struggle or challenge?
Which is it?
I prefer challenge, but at the end of the day, struggle wins out.

Like sheep in a pasture, or customers in a store, or eaters at a restaurant, or drivers at the gas station,
work comes all at once.
It is impossible to sort out our priorites right now, but I know that once Winter comes, I'll be looking for more business.

The weather has been cool and wet lately; not great for working on our late fall projects like the gardens and the schoolhouse.
But I have indoor work somewhere else.
It's perfect timing really.
So I need to face the challenge.
I have faith in an intentional universe that has intentions for me.
And when it comes down to it, all I really need to do is trust my faith.

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