Monday 8 October 2012

Family Portrait Day

Our friend Erin from Feather and Anchor has decided to apply her photography skills to family portraits.
While most people have lots of snapshots of the kids,
it's nice to have some high quality family photos taken by someone with an eye for composition.
Erin thought she would start out with a family whom she knows.
Who better to do a trial run with than a family with squirmy kids and chickens running all over the place.

Naturally, our kids were uncooperative.
The holiday weekend left them tired and recalcitrant.
Of course it's great practice for a photographer who will be coping regularly with children who cry, won't sit still, or insist on making funny faces for the camera.

Erin's family came along for the adventure.
Our place has lots to keep kids playing and exploring.
Diversions are a parent's best friend.

The weather was perfect for fall colours.

Chocolate was had outdoors.
Everyone knew that taking the kids inside would be insane.
So we talked, took photos, and let the children take in the cool, fresh air and sunshine.

Erin will be ready to hire for photo sessions soon.
She just needs to warm up taking pictures of the local wildlife first.


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  1. So sweet ~ and funny! I know she'll do a great job. Happy Thanksgiving!