Monday 22 October 2012

Lochlin Esker & Wetlands, by Kira


Esker: a winding, narrow ridge of gravel and
sand deposited by a stream flowing within (englacial)
or under (subglacial) a retreating glacial sheet.

What a fun day! The kids and I spent the day at Lochlin Esker & Wetlands.
We enjoyed a day hiking with a few other homeschool families through four different kinds of wetlands.
Black spruce treed bog
Mixed Treed Bog
Open marsh

And walked along the esker's ridge!

Irene led us along boardwalks and trails, teaching us about the wetland, esker and the flora and fauna that live and grow within it.

This beautiful property is owned by the Wright family.
Don Wright warmly welcomed our crew and gave us an introduction to this special wetland.

If you would like to visit the Lochlin Esker & Wetland you can email Don at

Such a wonderful day!
Thank-you Don Wright for sharing this special land with us.
Irene Heaven it was a wonderfully guided trip. We look forward to coming back!

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