Saturday 16 June 2012

Dump trucks and Pegasus, by Kira

Lego overload.
These boys are recovering from some pretty serious building.
Auren was given two new lego kits for his birthday.
After daddy finished his day's work, we gathered around the Lego bin and let our imaginations take over. Dump trucks, trailers, pegasus, a home for Princess Leia and a sword to slay the Jabberwocky.
I love the sound of little hands digging through the bin in search of the perfect piece.
Auren loves to build machines, vehicles, spaceships and other aircraft.
I am very impressed with what this little boy has been making.
He has been paying attention to details, symmetry, and colour.
Making sure his end product not only looks great but is also fully functional.
(I think he may have picked this up from his dad.)

I'm curious to see where this love for Lego leads him.
If it fades, or if it evolves into something really cool like desiging and building spaceships.
If he plays Lego with his own kids, or ends up living in our basement collecting and building lego kits.
I'm sure that whatever he ends up doing,
lego will have played a role in getting him there.

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