Saturday 9 June 2012


Living in a country with a social safety net, I appreciate the need to pay taxes.
I understand that there must be some form of personal investment in the national infrastructure.

However, I have learned over the years, that much of our investment is squandered.
I also know that there are ways to minimize paying your share if you have knowledge of the weaknesses in taxation regulations; many of the people who benefit the most from the country's wealth do not contribute in kind.
(If you just thought about welfare recipients, then you have been intentionally misdirected.)

I no longer willingly hand over my earnings to government.
I will continue to make my contributions to Canadian society, but not at the expense of the future.
Whenever possible, I will keep my hard work as valuable goods rather than converting it to useless paper money and imaginary figures in a contrived database.

I sold our second batch of chicks today.
There was a dollar figure to represent them, but no dollars changed hands.
What can I do with dollars?
Sure. They are buying power.
But they lose value at every transaction as government repeatedly dips in;
until they are worthless.
How is the economy to function if it is robbed at every turn?
Government services are supposed to return the dollars back into the economy.
If you think that it all makes it back in, then think again.
It is a bleeding economy; and will continue to bleed until we act to retain what we have worked for.

In the end, imaginary numbers don't feed families.
Europe's example should be a warning.
Unfortunately, the only ones listening are those who want to take what they can before it is all gone.

The remedy is subversion.
Once resource and labour are converted to dollars, they may freely leave the economy to be hoarded away.
The hoard is converted to power and influence; preying on the greedy.
Prevent the valuable from becoming intangible, and you stem the flow.
Taxes may only be submitted as dollars; that is great news.
Labour is free of tax.
Food is free of tax.
Energy is free of tax.
Turn any of these to dollars and the revenue agency sniffs them out.

Convert your dollars back into valuable goods that provide a return.
You cannot plant a Twenty in the ground and expect it to grow.
You cannot eat a five-dollar bill and expect it to nurture you.

The economy is a complex organism.
I don't wish to simplify it.

But the more we use labour and products instead of money in commerce,
the less of our hard work and natural resources will leave the economy.

As for the social safety net?
That is the responsibility of community.


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