Sunday 24 June 2012

New Language

I have always enjoyed learning new languages whenever I could.
Unfortunately, I have never mastered any; just enough to communicate.
It's fun to get to know someone when there's a language gap.
The effort involved in bridging expression promotes a deeper, more meaningful relationship.
Not all languages are like that however.
Computer language may be fascinating for many people; but not for me.
I learned some programming code when I was in school, but whatever I learned is simply nostalgia now.
My interest in language is rooted in the need to communicate with another person, and the interconnection that exists between cultures.
Computer's don't have culture.
I get to know a computer so I can use it as a tool; not for cultural exchange.
Here's an early announcement.
We are building a website to help promote our blog,
and more importantly, our business.
Without revealing too much, too early, the business will be an education centre focused on what you have been reading about in this blog.
Neither the website or the business will be going before the end of July (2012),
but we'll be sure to make a formal announcement as we go forward.
In the meantime, there will be a new learning curve to ascend.
In order to keep costs under control, we will be assembling and maintaining the new site ourselves.
To be sure, we do have an IT man to help support us.
Mike is already renowned for his supporting role at the Feather and Anchor website.
He will be picking me up when I fall.
Aside from inexperience and some hardware limitations,
I expect to pick up the new language despite the lack of heartfelt interest.
The website itself will be fun to create and will be yet another form of expression for us.
However, the nuts and bolts of it all can be tedious and frustrating.
I know what I want to do, but I often find restrictions that require some fairly complex understanding of computer language to overcome.
Having grown up in the computer age,
my expectations of computer and software performance are somewhat high.
When I was boy, I could handle staring idly at the screen while the disk drive loaded up a program.
But now, I expect that fifeteen years of progress should abolish the wasteful act of screen hypnosis.
It has not, and even now, I watch as an upload is wretchedly slow and probably won't work after it's done.
Not unlike the days of Five and a Quarter inch floppy drives.
We will be working hard to offer up a great website that will encompass the full scope of our activities here.
And though it will be handmade with love,
I will have some good help.

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