Monday 25 June 2012

Harvesting Chamomile, by Kira

We like to drink tea.
Last year we started to grow and harvest a few different kinds of plants that we could make into tea.
Mint, bee balm and chamomile to name a few.
Today, Auren, Fern and I harvested chamomile flowers to dry for tea.
We cut the flower off leaving little or no stem attached.
We then spaced them out in the dehydrator.
They took about four hours.
I usually like to hang my herbs to dry but it has been very damp and humid;
not ideal drying conditions.
I then put them in a sealed jar for storage.

Chamomile is said to help with sleep, anxiety, cramps,
upset stomach, and many other symptoms.
Chamomile is great as a hot or a cold tea.
You can have it on its own or in a blend of herbs; we like it with bee balm.
It is great with lemon or honey.
This is a great herb for tea drinkers to grow.
It is a beautiful plant, easy to harvest and east to prepare.
It attracts beneficial insects to the yard and it is easy to grow.


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