Saturday 2 June 2012

Make way for Ducklings! by Kira

We have fifteen ridiculously cute ducklings.
The kids and I have not left them alone all day.
They are currently living in a large plastic tub in our living room.
When the power came back on, the chicks went back downstairs and the ducklings, well for now, they are staying upstairs where we can watch them.
I know its sickening but I can't get enough of these little guys.
Andrew keeps saying 'Lets see how cute you think they are when they go outside getting into everything and pooping everywhere.'
I'm picturing going out the door and being greeted at the bottom of the steps by my ducks, quacking and wagging their little bums back and forth in excitement. They will follow me around the yard while I complete my daily chores.
They will lead me down to the pond where I will sit and watch them dabble and swim......I'm sorry you are probably starting to see what Andrew is currently dealing with.
Soon enough they will have their place on the farm.
Fly control. We will eat their eggs, and most likely eat some of them.
After all this is not a hobby farm. We will see how the summer goes.
Our favourites may be kept to start a new batch next spring.
We may not only be selling Gold-Laced Wyandottes.

I have only named two..... far.

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