Wednesday 20 June 2012

Cool Water and Ice Cream

For those of you in the heat today, I sure hope you were able to find some relief.
Canada is a country of extremes, and the curent heat wave is an uncomfortable reminder of that.
We were thankful for the help of others today, as we beat the heat as best as we could.

Thanks so much for friends who invited us for a swim in their pool.
Not only could we cool off, but the kids could play and have fun.
We all loved going for a swim and visiting.

Many thanks to my Dad who had us over to his air-conditioned home today.
Our home is a cooker, and at my Dad's house, you would never even know it was hot out except by looking at the thermometer.

Ice- cream sandwiches were the perfect treat.

I often consider how we would cope if the climate gets hotter and energy becomes more expensive.
Especially if days like today become the norm.
Work may have to be done more at night, and homes like ours would need a retrofit of some kind to keep cool without A/C.
In the meantime, we're fortunate to have choices to help us get through heat waves.
And we're even more fortunate to have friends and neighbors who are eager to help.


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