Monday 29 July 2013

Ladies in Aprons, by Kira

Our breeding flock, currently, is 25 hens and 7 roosters.
The hen numbers had dropped early spring do to a pesky fox.
Over the summer our ladies have had more than their fair share of love.
(They have the bare backs to prove it!)
This past week we did a trade with our friends.
Chicks for aprons!
We now have 15 hens with beautiful aprons running around.
I am still giddy when I go out and see brightly dressed hens among the trees.
Although I think they are the ones that are the most happy. ;)
Thank you Samantha!


  1. Aprons what an interesting idea. Do they slip over the wings to hold them on????

  2. Hi Janet!
    There are elastic straps sewn elastic straps sewn onto the aprons that you slip over the wings.
    They are very easy to put on the hens.

  3. Hey Kira:

    Could you direct me to where I could buy some of these handy aprons, my girls are starting to look a little frazzled. When I click on Samantha I can't seem to find the aprons she has for sale.



    1. This is a bit late to reply Leasha, but I am going to be adding a bunch of chicken aprons to my shop this week. It has taken me a bit to get the design and fit just right, and now they are ready to be sold to others (: If interested, pop over to