Friday 18 May 2012

Sweat Equity

It may look like rock picking, but it is not.
This is a discussion and demonstration of local economy.
Trading in sweat equity.

To be honest, there was much more discussion.
There are important issues to understand.
Though the challenge rendered us idle for much of the time.

Social Policy Analysts at Work

The blackflies were scarce.
Merciful, yet disconcerting.
It could be that they are repelled by political debates.

And building bridges.
The keystone of infrastructure.

Animal and machine for heavy work.
Heavy conversation outweighed any mass from the rocks.
And hard labour crumbled in the grip of sound reason.

By late afternoon, we had made good progress.
The chickens wanted to help.
They too, are disappointed with the current socio-economic system.

Then a meal break.
Lunch was sublime.

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