Friday 4 May 2012

Nettle Pizza, by Kira

The stinging nettles are out; young and tender. A perfect time to harvest and eat them. You can find nettles where the levels of phosphate and nitrogen are high. I usually find them in moist spots, sometimes in full sun, sometimes in full shade. A plant I almost always see growing near stinging nettle are touch-me-not plants. Also known as jewel weed.

These are nettles that grow in my garden. They are a great companion to most vegetables. 
Make compost tea from Nettles.
It's a great tonic for outdoor gardens or indoor house plants. 
They have many health benefits as well, due to their high mineral content. 
Nettles are one of the highest sources of iron. For tea lovers out there pick the leaves and make a tea. 
It makes your hair thicker, brighter, and shinier. And, it makes your skin clearer and healthier.

When you go out collecting nettles, you may want to wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt. 
They have quite a sting. 
Pick young leaves in the spring. They are best in the spring so this is the time to pick extra and freeze them for later use.

A quick little recipe for nettle pizza.
Pizza dough (enough for one pizza)
5 cups of fresh nettle leaves
Half a cup of heavy cream
one cup of shredded mozzarella cheese

In a sauce pan heat heavy cream until it thickens. Use this as a base on your pizza. (You can also fry up a little garlic to add to the cream if you would like.) Nettles go on next. Then some salt and the cheese. Bake in 500F oven or in the barbeque; that is how we bake ours.  Bake for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Yes two pizzas were made tonight. 
We also baked a Hawaiian pizza, with home made bacon. 
That's a family favourite.



  1. This reminds me, I should get back out to collect more nettle. It's my first year collecting it on my own and it was a tasty addition to my duck broth soup a few weeks ago. Glad to hear there are so many benefits. Also, I'm enjoying your blog - Lorna said I would probably like it, and I do! Keep it up, it's great.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    We hope to discover more wild edibles this year.
    Glad you're enjoying the blog.