Sunday 13 May 2012

Sunday Food Friendzy

The weekend was finished up with a potluck dinner.
The guests have many things in common.
The most important connection is food.
Specifically, how food affects our health, and how it could take your life.
Though food allergies are becoming increasingly common,
the traditional Canadian fare does not yet reflect everyone's needs.
This potluck was a comfortable buffet of tasty food.
More importantly, everyone could enjoy the meal without worrying about the ingredients.
Desserts could be snatched up by young children without having to reach for an epi-pen.
Adults could relax and eat knowing that every guest had considered the needs of others.

Of course, when you spend so much time learning to understand food,
there is much more than simply allergies to consider.
For anyone, food may cause more harm than good if it contains toxic compounds or lacks value.

The cause of food allergies is technically unknown, though there are prominent theories.
It is possible that the causes may contribute to chronic problems in those who appear to be free from allergies.
Allergies may simply be a sensitivity to what is happening to the food supply at large.
The fact that such a disturbing trend has yet to be properly understood is puzzling.
It may be that hypotheses remain unproven due to corporate interference.

Regardless of the causes, families living with severe food allergies must learn to be innovative when choosing how and what they eat.
Typical cuisine relies on foods that must be replaced in order to stay safe and healthy.
The challenge calls for a group effort and is most worthy of a potluck supper.

The meal being prepared in this photo is for new little pigs.
Everyone is interested in seeing the pigs get their dinner.

There was no leftover chocolate cake.

Someone else's toys are always more fun than your own.

Dinner, coffee, and conversation.
Another day of meeting new people and making new friends.


  1. It is interesting to see how food connects us. We first met many of the people present at the "Food Friendzy" potluck dinners through our kid-with-food-allergies journey. And have discovered in that process a community of kindred spirits, a sense of extended family; The "village" in which to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children.

    Nice to have met you and your beautiful family.

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