Monday 28 May 2012

Merrylynd Organic Farms

Buying feed for our animals is one of the larger expenses each month.
The land that the big pigs are on right now will be one of five plots intended for growing crops, among which will be our own source of feed.
Producing our own feed will reduce our costs, but in the meantime, there will need to be an outside source.

The business that we have been buying from has treated us well.
Unfortunately, they do not mix organic feed;
they must buy it in from another source.
It also means that the minimum orders are quite large.
Requesting custom mixes or raw ingredients is also out of the question.
As nice as they have been to us, they are better suited to typical farms.

On a recommendation, we sought out a relationship with Merrylynd Farms, located just south of Lakefield, Ontario.
The farm grows grains and beans, and produces meat and maple syrup.
Their mill mixes livestock feeds and custom ground flours and grains for human consumption.
They are a fully organic and GMO free operation.
Not only is the feed very fresh and wholesome, there is also the option to buy raw product if we choose to mix our own feeds in the future.
Being able to buy flour is an added bonus; not because of the price, but it is great to be able to buy locally farmed grains.

Of course the prices are excellent.
Buying directly from the farm means there is less cost impact from shipping and handling.

Merrylynd Farms is not a subsidiary of a corporate company, and sells their product to small farmers such as ourselves.
It is not a cash cropping business and operates on principles of high farming where the land is a partner and not a slave.

There are over 2000 acres of land available to Merrylynd for farming.
The opportunity for producing excess financial wealth for the owners
is substantial.
Instead, the land is farmed according to sustainable and organic methods, and prices are set to suit the small holder.
Having been in the family for nearly two-hundred years, I expect they have learned that the land provides what you need, and asking for more, results in failures.

As a strong supporter of organic farming, occasionally I am taken to task on the true benefits of following organic methods.
Most often, it is argued that there can be no truly organic food because of the high saturation of chemical toxins in our environment.
Contaminants come in rain and snow, in groundwater, in dust, and even in the air.
Our environment everywhere is most definitely toxic to varying degrees.
But that is really not the point.
Certainly it is beneficial to reduce the levels of poisonous compounds pervasive throughout the food chain.
And less pesticide on your fruit is better than more of it.

Organic farming is not simply producing food without the use of harmful chemicals.
With livestock farming, there are matters of ethics; the treatment of animals.
Organic farming is sustainable farming and respects the future of our children.
More importantly, by farming or buying organically, you promote the methods.
Supporting the organic farm creates the potential for a future that is free of unnecessary toxins.
A future where the air, water, and ground are clean, and the soil rich and fertile from years of careful agriculture.
A future where control of the food supply has been
taken away from those who wish to control us with it.

Buying organic food is less about eating wholesome food and more about making sure there is wholesome food for future generations.

Larry at the mill was great to talk to when we picked our order up.
He had spent his early years working on farms but moved on to telecommunications sales for most of his working life. Now he works on the farm again and makes far less money but is far more content.
We are in debt to those people who have stuck it out despite criticism from the mainstream.
I told Larry that seeing such a large and experienced organic operation gives us hope that the momentum will change directions one day.
I often feel dismayed that no matter how hard we try, the opposition will always be overwhelming.
Larry told me to never give up, no matter what people say.

Coming from someone who has the benefit of years,
that means a lot to me.


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  1. this farm is within 15 minutes of my home and I've never stopped in! thanks for this and I'll be looking into what they offer.