Thursday 3 May 2012

Fishing With Fern

It didn't take any convincing to interest Fern in fishing.
A few stories from her brother and some time in the canoe earlier in the Spring were enough incentive.
She couldn't go earlier because she had outgrown her lifejacket.
Once there was a new one for her, there could be no excusing leaving her at home.
Before I try both Auren and Fern together on an outing, it was best to take them individually first.

This was a very serious fishing trip.
Fern was ready for some angling action.
I didn't tell her that our chances of seeing fish were very low.
The plan was to troll the lake; her with a spoon and me with a streamer.
I wanted to see how she would behave in the canoe and with the fishing gear.

It wasn't long before serious angling turned to serious snacking.
When the fish don't bite, you need a little something to tide your patience over for a spell.

The fishing ended when I snagged my fly and tangled my line.
Fern was ready to stretch her legs, so it was time for landing party.

There will be crayfish to hunt here.
It's pretty cold and quiet right now though.

Fern defies description for me.

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