Wednesday 2 May 2012

So. You want to become a Frogger? by Kira

A bit of advice for those thinking of getting into frogging.

This is important. 
Before you head out into your swamp, stream, lake or puddle; hydrate. 
You may be out there for hours. 

Some may want a solid plan.
Do you go with...
Hands or Net? Boots or Bare feet?
That is up to you.
Auren is a bit of a planner. He likes to jot a list down, maybe a map, and an escape route if need be.


The frogs aren't always visible. 
Sometimes it's best to just sit and watch and give the water a few minutes to clear. 
Once the frogs feel safe, they will surface. 
Then you can continue on.

Around our home we find,
bullfrogs, green frogs, pickerel frogs, leopards, and on land, 
toads, spring peepers and tree frogs. 

Other hunters! 
Yes. You are not the only one out there frogging. 
Be sure to give these guys room. 
They are out hunting for their dinner.

You can avoid these by just going in bare feet. 
You are going to need a bath though, when the day is through. Swamp mud is sticky stuff.

There will be log walking and sticks to be dodged. 

Proper head gear. 
Fern has made this her official frogging hat. 
Here is a little DIY if you want a hat like Fern's. 
Take an old pair of leotards....(are they even called that?) 
Then cut the legs off, and there you have it. 
It keeps the hair out of your face and the UVs off your head. 

Hope these tips help. 
Happy Frogging!

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