Wednesday 16 May 2012

Bearing Fruit

Receiving a delivery of fruit trees is one thing.
Getting them into the ground is another.

They are almost all in with a few exceptions,
I had planned on talking about it tonight, but the job isn't really done.
Also, I am having some technical difficulties.
Not with the trees but with the blog.
I'll have it sorted out shortly, but it has taken my mind off the important stuff.

This topic really is important.

Putting fruit bearing plants in is a long term plan and investment.
If previous generations had been planning for us, then the need wouldn't be so urgent.
I understand that the lack of foresight did not happen everywhere.
But, here, where we live and the surrounding area, fruit trees are few and far between.
I get gripped by apoplexy when I think of the effort and resources put into exotic ornamental species.
The more you think about how we cultivate our green spaces,
the more likely you will be filled with the urge to tear out you hair and say WTF were you thinking.
It is true that a broad range of plant species contribute immensely to a healthy diversity.
But why omit the obvious?
In a country known for the sublime sugar maple,
why TF would you plant useless ornamental varieties instead?
The lawn industry itself should be a good indication of how smart we've been.
Men and women have been working tirelessly for decades developing hardy fruit bearing plants specifically for northern zones.
Why then do we plant exotic evergreen shrubs that need a FG blanket to make it through the Winter?

I'm just saying.....
.....things have got to change.

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  1. When Kira was in Haliburton today, she noticed that the trees on a recently renovated street are pear trees.
    There is hope.