Saturday 14 April 2012

Your Land

A big part of country living is not so much the size of your backyard.
It is how immense your backyard can truly be.
Outside of the city limits, there are limitless opportunities available on the land that we all own together.
It is called Crown Land, but it is in fact the land that belongs to everyone.

The parks, municipal, provincial, and federal, are beautiful and well run, but there is more wild land in this country that we may spend time with.
There is enough land for everyone to experience all the time without bookings, and line-ups, and fees.
Locals call them well-kept secrets, but the fact is that we all have the right to play outside on Canadian lands.

There are lakes stocked with fish, paid for by people who will never see them; lakes or fish.
There are forests of ancient trees, cared for by people who will never walk through the quiet undergrowth.
There are campsites, that don't require a permit because the permit has already been paid for through taxes.

You don't need to sell your home and buy a homestead in the country.
You don't need to plan months in advance to reserve a spot.
The land is yours.  The land is your right.
The fish were stocked for you.  The campsites are for your family.

It does take some research.
You need to know which land is public.
There may not be a parking lot.
There may not be a privy pit. (Although you might be surprised how many there are out here.)

There won't be anyone to check on you.
You are on your own.
But freedom is revered in our society.
With freedom comes responsibility.

There are no signs to tell you which way to go.
You need to learn to find your way around.
There are also no signs to tell you what to do.
That is freedom.

With ownership, there is also more responsibility.
You need to pick up your garbage. It is, after all, your land.
You need to make a plan and share it.  Emergency services can't save you if they can't find you.
You must share the land with others.  That includes those creatures that call the wilds their home.

There is so much to learn and and a lifetime of experiences to enjoy.
Camping at the park is a great way to start, but it is only a beginning.
Initiative and self-reliance are the rewards that lay waiting for you.
If you would like to own some land and grow yourself with it.... already do, and the growing is up to you.

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