Wednesday 25 April 2012

Forest Friends

Chickens are a very popular bird.
Everyone likes to eat chicken, or chicken eggs.
That's why they always draw so much attention.

The coyotes aren't so bad.
They take the hint well.
Chicken is pretty tasty, but the risk is too high.

The fox has us outsmarted.
He loves free range chicken.
He knows to do it all quiet-like, or he's gonna get more than chicken.

The Northern Goshawk is a large and graceful predator.
They love chicken.
I wonder what they taste like?

Raccoons are enterprising opportunists.
They have human-like characteristics.
And like humans, they eat chickens and their eggs.
And like humans, they are known to take more than their share.
Unlike humans, they have no constitutional rights.

Bears like their chicken cooked, with barbeque sauce, and sometimes the barbeque too.
But raw and still squawking will do in a pinch.
Bears and barbeque sauce go well together.

Today's photos are taken from free stock and are not ours, with the exception of the chickens.

1 comment:

  1. We do our very best to be good neighbors.
    We love our forest friends and recognize their importance in the ecosystem.
    Sometimes, our friends take advantage of us.
    They always get a warning first.
    But, like them, my family is my priority.