Saturday 21 April 2012

I Spy; a walk through our woodlot, by Kira

The moose have been through. 

Blooms from a sugar maple.

Woodpeckers eat grubs and insects that live under the bark of trees.

Fern thought this fungi looked like a set of  fairy stairs.

We love the woods.

Have you ever seen a variegated trillium?

Auren spotted some grouse poop.

Whose home is this?

I Spy.......


  1. ...fairy steps - love it! Your kids have such a wonderful 'playground' in their backyard, love how it teaches them to really SEE with their eyes and find the beautiful details/design in nature.
    Looks like you did get some rain too? ;o)

    take care!

    1. Yes fairy steps,unicorns,birds and Darth Vader, she is unique. The kids love the forest. There is so much for them to explore. Yes! we did get the much needed rain. The buds on the trees and plants are all starting to open up. Auren and Fern would love to guide a nature walk if you are interested sometime. :)