Thursday 12 April 2012

Up-cycled diaper covers, by Kira

I have used cloth diapers for all three of our kids.
Auren used them off and on. Fern was in them all the time except if we were going out. Cloth is the only diaper I have used on Meer. Prefold organic cotton and covers is what I use. I find having five or six diaper covers to be plenty.  Some covers are better then others. I did do lots of research before buying. I found Bummis whisper wrap and a little family owned company called Zookies to have the best covers, but this post is not a diaper cover review.

Meer is now into the size of cover that has seen the most action. That means some need to be replaced, so I thought I would have a go at making my own. How hard could it be? 
I had the material on hand so I thought I'd make one. This one did turn out a little on the small side. It fits her now but not for long. 

My Materials

I used an old wool sweater. 
embroidery thread
diaper cover (for tracing the size)


First you need to trace your cover onto both your Wool fabric, and onto your second fabric, which is the lining. Make sure you stretch the fabric as you trace and add about an extra inch all the way around for the seam allowance. 

Cut them out. 
Then put them together with the right side of both fabrics facing in.

Now sew around the outside, leaving a three or four inch gap at the rear.
This is to turn it right side out. But not yet.

Here, you are going to sew the elastic into the leg holes.
Make sure you stretch the elastic as you sew it in.

Flip your diaper right side out now. 
Take another piece of elastic, then stretch and sew it over the open spot in the back.
This closes the cover up and gives it a little stretch around the waist.

Sew your velcro tabs onto the sides.
If you sew the softer of the two sides of velcro onto the front, it is less likely to stick to clothing.

There you have it! 
A diaper cover made by you. 

If you have some waterproof material, you could add that in between the two fabrics.
The cover would last a little longer that way.
You could also use snaps instead of velcro.

Be creative and have fun with the materials available.

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