Sunday 8 April 2012


We never really had the chance to choose the homesteading life.
It chose us.
We didn't consider the lifestyle changes that we would make.
They just went along with the vision.
This path has been a series of natural steps, each leading to the next.

There is a certain level of commitment required.
One that cannot be easily withdrawn.
The animals need to be cared for, the family must be kept fed and warm, and the near future must be well planned.
There are many experiences that seem overwhelming. There are failures and setbacks.
There is precious little time for rest.
Yet the rewards are that much greater.
Success is more fulfilling.
The food is the best there is.
A sense of pride and accomplishment accompanies each and every day.
Even the challenges that are lost stir emotions of a battle well fought.

As the kids get older, they are beginning to take advantage of the space available to them.
Homesteading of this sort requires space to work and grow. And so, there is an abundance of open air. As we expand our activities deeper into the woodlot, the kids' comfort level widens. Of course, so does their range.
(I just need to get the pigs to follow that example.)

If there has been any disappointment, it has been that there are few families taking a similar path.
We struggle to make connections with people that share our interest in self-sufficient living.
One of our goals is to encourage more families to settle some land and take control of their food, shelter, and nurture.
That is not to say that we haven't met anyone.
We have made new friends traveling this road. Each one having brought a new perspective to our lives.

There are many circumstances that determine how people chose to live. Not everyone is suited for life on the homestead, nor should the choice be taken lightly.
People should, however, consider how they feel about their lives and the direction in which they are being taken. 
There are important issues at stake.
Regardless of lifestyle, acting in accordance to one's own beliefs sets a standard of integrity for our entire society.
We all have a purpose, even though it may not always be clear.
If you have heard your calling, answer it.
Time is too precious to wait.

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