Wednesday 11 April 2012

The Other Days

And then there are those days.
You know the ones I mean.
The days that you fall behind, despite good efforts.

Those days when you are short on sleep.
The chores threaten to get out of control.
You could get a lot done if you knew where to start.

If you have children, the situation is perilous.
Children know when you are down.
They will use this day against you.

When there are two children, they will take turns.
This allows them rest in between battles.

Most often, it is a boundary dispute.
The lines have been drawn.
The children will try to push those back.

And it might have been some time since your last shower.
And it could be when the finances appear grim.
It may be that date night hasn't been possible lately.

Summoning patience, you attempt your best parenting skills.
Keep them fed. Keep them loved. Keep them busy.
But they see right through you and patience flees.

They will push until you are on the verge.
Your eye will twitch.
Some drool somehow escapes your pursed lips,
evading detection and running down your chin.

At the first sight of a possible breakdown, they stop.
Not unlike a violent summer storm that ends with an idyllic calm.
Of course, that's how it starts too.

These are the days so easily cherished.
For they are among the longest days.
Time slows to a crawl so that you may better witness your frailties.

Bedtime is usually the final showdown.
Patience has completely vanished by now.
You dig your heels in. You stand your ground.

But they have had their bit of fun already.
They are tired, well fed, loved, and played with.
They know where they stand.

And you?
You are spent, having been tried and tested.
Your eyes burn in their sockets as you relive the day to see if you could have done better.

And sure, you could have done better.
Especially if you had a degree in child psychology and had no children of your own.
But then, you wouldn't be a parent.
And you wouldn't understand.

And then there are those days.
Do you know the days I mean?


  1. Oh, we do hear you loud and clear on that post. And gracious, that second last picture... muddy toes and all... hilarious! Every day can be a test of our own patience... but then by the time they're finally in bed - I'm impatient to hug and hold them one more time! ;o)

    1. Yes. Even when they are troublesome it's hard not to laugh sometimes.
      There are moments when we have to hide our laughter so that we don't encourage them.