Friday 17 August 2012

The Right Ingredients

It's amazing how quickly an idea can come together.
Determination, coupled with resources.
You cannot hesitate once a plan like this is set into motion.
Inertia is the only guide.

And though the mixer needs repairs,
all of the materials are here, on site.
There are no obstacles.
The roofing needs to be figured out,
but there is still time for that.
Until then, the steps are straightforward;
beginning with the foundation.

Mixing cement in a wheelbarrow sucks.
Honestly, there is no point in expressing that fact eloquently.
A loaner from down the road is convenient,
and the rental paid back by doing the repairs.
It just happens that the welder is ready to go.
Just in time.

The aggregate was late getting here, but nevertheless on time.
Just in time.
There is precious little time to waste.
I am determined to meet my deadlines.
And now there are no excuses.
Almost everything is here, ready to be built.

I have no idea how long it will take.
All I know is that everything will be done if I can meet the challenge.
Head down.
Full bore.
Everything falls into place.
And so will I.

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