Wednesday 22 August 2012

Thanks to Everyone!

I never used to participate in social media, even as it became popular.
There was this feeling that an electronic relationship simply isn't worth cultivating.
Those times are behind me now, along with many of the opinions I held.
Also in the past is a decade of feeling isolated.

Kira is home from the hospital now.
She has recovered enough to wait at home until her gall bladder is to be removed.
It's a good thing too; I make a lousy wet nurse.
We have been granted some time to prepare for another stay in the hospital.
For that, I am thankful.

I am also thankful for all of the support we received.
Last night, when I had a few moments, I published a blog post about Kira's emergency, as well as making sure some information about Kira's health was posted on Facebook.
Not only could I keep family notified, but it only took a few sentences to inform almost everyone.
What I am most impressed by is the relationships that have been cultivated almost exclusively on-line.
Within only a few hours, we had offers of help and messages of support from so many people.
Some people, we have never even met in-person,
yet they are willing to extend a helpful hand.

It's said that blood is thicker than water, though I question that wisdom.
Those of you who read our blog and keep up with us on Facebook,
are the people who are genuinely interested in our lives and are concerned about our well-being.
Of course, family is almost always around when there is pain and suffering,
but it is equally important to share in the milestones and victories.
The connection is really indivisible.
In this case, all of the people who share our day-to-day trials and tribuations,
were the first people to know that Kira fell ill,
and also the first friends and family to come to our side to help out.
That kind of 'whole' relationship is very important to me.

Today, more than ever, we feel the strength of a vast safety net cast out beneath us should we fall.
And though we pride ourselves on our independence,
we are getting over that.

Thanks so much from Kira and I to everyone who is part of our lives.
And I mean everyone who follows along with us, regardless of how far away you might be.
It may be an electronic realtionship,
but when there is trouble, we can count on each other for real help.
I know that now.
And for that I am thankful.

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