Sunday 19 August 2012

What kids like most.

Children can be remarkably hard to please sometimes.
Food, clothing, toys, books, crafts, and activities.
You can't always get it right,
and they sure do let you know when you get it wrong.

But there are a few things that never fail to win them over.
Namely, playing together with friends, playing with dirt and sticks,
and cute little animals.

We have the dirt and sticks,
and the cute little animals,
but playmates are harder to find around here.
Fortunately, we have been meeting lots of other families this year,
and it has given our kids a chance to make some friends.
It's even easier to make friends when you have cute little animals to show them.

It all begins with shy little people.
How do you start?
Some show and tell to get the conversation going.
Whether it's ducks or toys, kids like to talk about what they love.
Shyness gives way to natural curiosity,
and before you know it, the projects are underway.
Today's big events were dam and castle building,
as well as some chick catching.

It's especially fun to let kids play in a raw environment.
A raw environment is somewhere that allows them to create the nature of the surroundings.
The more simple the ingredients, the better.
Sand, some sticks, and a bit of running water.
And lots of space to run and hide.
They play best when out from under the watchful gaze of parents.

It doesn't take much to spend an entire day playing when there are friends over.
There is no complaining about being bored or asking for a movie to be put on.
There is less fighting and more cooperation.
And though it's always sad to say goodbye,
there is next time to think about.
And a hard day of play make for some pretty heavy eyelids when bedtime nears.
Played out, and satisfied.


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  1. Agree 100%... kids need time and space to learn and discover and grow!

    -Lesley (Stuart's sis)