Monday 6 August 2012

Making cream cheese from yogurt, by Kira

Cheese is expensive.
Organic cheese is twice the price of conventional cheese.
Our kids love cheese, especially cream cheese.
I have started making our own cream cheese from yogurt.
Very easy. Super tasty!

You will need:
Yogurt. I use 2.5% plain organic.
Towel or cheese cloth for draining liquid from yogurt.
Juice jug or something similar in size.
Night before you plan to eat:
Hang the towel or cheese cloth inside of the jug. Make sure it is hanging well
above the bottom of the jug or your cheese is not going to drain.
Place the yogurt into the towel.
You can hold the towel or cheese cloth
in place with the lid or use an elastic.
Let this drain over night.

In the morning put your creamy yogurt into a bowl
and mix in some fresh garden herbs.

My favourite mix:

pinch of salt
tablespoon or so of lemon juice
fresh basil
fresh chives
I served this batch up on homemade sesame rye crackers.

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  1. My goodness is it really that simple? will be trying this later on today!!Thanks