Saturday 11 August 2012

Romard Lumber

Is there someone that you know that you can talk with for hours
and still have a hard time leaving the conversation?
If you do, then you know what our neighbor Paul is like.
When I visit, I need to allow several hours so that I won't be late for another event.
It's also important that I tell Kira where I'm going so she doesn't worry that I've gone missing.
Now don't get the wrong idea.
This isn't about showing up and having a beer, only to leave twelve later.
This is steady conversation for hours on end, with no beer.

Paul owns and runs a wood milling operation just down the road from us.
He has been logging and milling there for thirty years.
So, when we need wood,
and I don't have the time to break out the chainsaw mill,
I go and see Paul.
Paul also provides our shavings that get used for bedding the animals.

We are putting together a new building project, and it needs to be up soon, so milling the wood myself is out of the question.
I set aside some time today to talk to Paul about what he has for sale.
I didn't watch the time,
but I can tell you that it took quite a while to discuss wood.
Of course, that's not all we talked about.
The people who live here, on Salmon lake road, have quite a bit in common.
We are different from each other, but it's easy to talk and agree.

If you live not too far from here, Paul is the man to see about all things wood.
He logs, mills, and planes all sorts of lumber products.
He is also a great source of information on forest management,
having his own 150ac to show how productive good forest management practices can be.
Only, if you drop in for a visit,
be sure to allow some extra time for a good conversation.

(Paul) Romard Lumber
442 Salmon Lake road,


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